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Draw a caricature of the person of your choice

so I thought I'd show you my . I'm drawing my friend Marcy her face is so cute and full of character and is always a challenge to me. One of those faces where you think it will be easy but it's not.  She's got big wide set eyes, a broad smile, a little nose, a little chin, big cheeks, a gap between her front teeth and loads of goofy facial expressions. 

First Step. SKetch. 

UPDATE 1. Linework. I think the wrist bone is faceing the wrong way, and I always have such difficulty with hands. I wanted them to be little and dainty but I can live with these. Also I probably should have given her more cheekbone definition instead of squishy cheeks, but I think she still is coming out pretty cute. 


Added Color. 

Im new to the sketchbook pro program. Just trying out the different brushes and seeing what works for me. 

Im not a great painter.,, everytime i try its so washy. I think I do better when I try and do simpler more designy color, but I keep trying to build up realistic values and tones. The coloring process for me is usually a battle of style and ends up somewhere in between. 


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