Nina Rycroft

Picture Book Illustrator



Draw a Circus of Movement – Simple Techniques to Bring Your Characters to Life

Learn how to position your character using gesture, exaggeration, line-of-action and forward motion that will have your character lifting, balancing, walking, running and leaping right off the page! Learn age appropriate movement and the art of visual storytelling using a sequence of movement.

You Will Learn:-

  • how to position your character in any pose using three simple steps.
  • the art of body language and exaggeration.
  • how to use line-of-action and other techniques that will improve your character drawings ten-fold.
  • Forward movement cycles.
  • age appropriate movement.

You Will Draw

  • your character in poses that highlight their personality.
  • your character lifting, balancing, walking and running.
  • a before, during and after character sequence of your character.

Your Project

  • can be used as reference for your own picture book or animation project.
  • can be made into a portfolio piece or ‘tear sheet’ ready to send to a publisher.

Beginners and seasoned artists are welcome! Beginners may want to take my earlier classes to ‘warm-up’ their drawing skills before diving into the second-half of this class


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