Draw Draw Draw

Draw Draw Draw - student project

Favourite artists that you should check out:

- Edmund Dulac - for his compositions, line work, yummy analogous colour palettes, art nouveau facial features

- Hope Gangloff - for her line work, use of many bold and beautiful patterns, fun sort of bored edgy subject matter

- Peter Doig - for his colour, eerily beautiful landscapes, rich rich richness

Favourite subjects to draw:

- People (especially women)

- Animals (especially with non-animalistic behaviours)

- Conveying complex and discreet emotion through characters' expression and gesture

- Landscapes

- Organic lines

Things I struggle with:

- Improving upon/reconsidering a first idea/composition

- Drawing people/animals/figures without source images

- Abandoning desire for constant realism

- Differentiation between similar looking invented characters (ei two 20-year-old brunette females)

- Uh, feet I guess

- And foreshortening