Draw Cute Characters with Shapes in AI (Practice) | Skillshare Projects

Aisha Kristine Chong

Writer / Graphic Designer & Illustrator



Draw Cute Characters with Shapes in AI (Practice)

I have started this last night.

I didn't really go for mood boards.. for some reason, it doesn't work for me. 

I just went along on what will work for me and what might suit my taste and how I can improve it, etc.

Current Progress: I actually like the result. I don't know much about shading.. but I did tried it on the knees and hair area. I also decided to add - eye lashes! A girl just got to have one. I like the class because I was able to practice more - as I am sort of new in AI. I am not that happy with the face shape though.. I think I made it bigger than I actually wanted.. but - oh well, it's fine. I also changed up the shoes t0 make it more girly. :) (Still not finshed.. as I am not done with the class yet but this is the current project I am working on for now... pretty happy with the results so far.)



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