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Draw - Artists Compete for Shows and Space

I'm thinking of something where the cards are a resource, and you will play cards to gain more or force your opponent to lose more.

Then, several cards in the deck will be "flip this over immediately"  Each is a competition, and winning these wins the game.

Maybe each player chooses a competition card to add to the deck, and the winner of a competition gets to add a new card, and shuffle it into the deck, then the winner of the most after the final competition (that being when no other competition cards can be added to the deck) is the blatant winner.

The problem right now looks like large games would be faster, putting more compettions into the deck from the start.

I think the setting will be, "Artists competing for shows and space"


I like that idea of deck building...  Thanks Nathaniel!

There will be 5 series of 12 cards, and I like Hanafuda cards, so I'll take some inspiration from them for these sets.  It'll be like murals when playing these five series, and bonus points for playing only pieces in one series.

There should also be a way to modify the board more than just playing sets.  A trump.  Cards that will play differently if played by you on yourself or by another on you.  

Just a couple first ideas:

Avant Garde: 

- (Good) - "You may be entering in to a new period of your art, and the critics are loving it.  Pick a piece from your collection, you get extra points for it."

- (Bad) - "While your peers usually at least respect your skill, your latest work is leaving everyone to scratch their heads.  Fewer points from a piece in your collection."

Patron of the Arts / Destitution:

- (Good) - "Thanks to a new patron you have more time to work on art.  Hand limit increased."

- (Bad) - "Paints and your opium/absinthe addiction cost a lot! Hand limit decreased."


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