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Draping Ankara print with silk

Greetings friends!

My name is Alia Lux. I signed up for this project at the new of November with the intention to tackle it in December.  Little did I know that a lot of other projects would come up and I am just now getting to it! But that's ok, I work good under pressure. 

I have a humble clothing line called Adah Lux www.adahlux.com. I use mostly Ankara print fabric that I buy in Ghana, West Africa.  So I decided to incorporate those prints into this project.

Although sketching is not my strong point, this is the direction I am going.

The process of putting the puzzle together!

This is by no means the finished project but it is getting there. I am really into greens for Spring 2014, so I would probably go with a green silk mixed with the print for the finished garment.

I also would change the design and leave the front open and add a mini skirt underneath of the print. Something like this....

Thanks Anya and sorry for being so late to start the course. Please give a look at my website and fb page:




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