Dramatic Elements!

Dramatic Elements! - student project


I am writing this story to give readers an escape from real life and into the lives of my characters. Hopefully it will inspire people in their real lives. 


It is important to be honorable, just, trustworthy, and kind in every aspect of our lives, no matter what people say about us.



Brynn’s flaw: Lack of trust in people.

Cayle’s flaw: Inability to face his fear of claustrophobia and the childhood abuse he suffered.  

Gunnar’s flaw: Overconfidence.   


What if three people from two different worlds, with their own personal battles, had to overcome their fears, be humbled, and trust each other in order to save the population of an entire planet from certain death?



Brynn is the main character in my story. Cayle and Gunnar are in the 'side-kick' role. 

Grace Crosina
Hopefully an Author