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Dramatic Breakfast & Light Dessert

Hello, lovely people! 

Obviously I´m really new to this, but I like the idea of the project and would like to post my results even though they´re not perfect. I feel like the last two pictures in the first part of this post at least got a dramatic feeling, but I think the exposure is too high on the first picture..? Living in the norwegian weather kind of leaves you with to choices: broad day light reflected by the snow or total darkness..

I also feel like I should have used more time on the props, and maybe that I should have added something. Any suggestions? I will be grateful for any feedback! 




I also tried to give the Bright & Clean a try, but finding a good lighting around my house was SO hard!

First try:


I love how the backround turned out, but I feel like this set would be more sutible for the airly & light category. This picture also has too much contrast and shadows, even after editing.

Second try:  


As you can see, I found another place with too much contrast and shadow. I also feel like I should have added a "pop of color" in this picture, like a strawberry.

Third try:


This was a new place, and I also used a white thing that functioned  as a reflector this time!


The light is not toally even here either, as you can see, but at least I think it´s better.


Okey, so I´m not your greatest student, but thanks so much for the class! I really DID learn a lot :D

- Sigrid


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