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Dragoon Hound

Dragoon Hound: cunning creatures that live among packs from a few numbers to large groups. They mainly attack with there large jaws, but when that fail they will use there claws to latch on and dig into there prey, weighing down there prey like anchors.

Hello everyone,I wanted to create a creature that was a mixture of a wild dogs(wolves, african wild dogs, etc) and a dragon and with a touch feline as well.

These are the sketches I have so far. They have some weight to them but they have them, but have the endurance to run distances. I wanted them a bit streamline so they don't look to bulky.

The body type i am leaning on is the second topbody sketch but with the tail of the fourth one instead. There tail and dorsal spine scales help them be expressive. Also they unique front claws(paws?) that have long hook like nails. Like a raptor. I cant figure i wanted two long nails for one.


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