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Dragons, lizards, reptiles. Beasts!

Hey Class!

First of all I want to present my goal for this class. That goal is to create some awesome dragon. I hope to create also one more creature lizard-like. I wish at the end I will have two great creature designs :)

My first step is to explore lizard, reptile, bird anatomy, silhouettes. I pay attention to skeleton to get the body right.
And now for my project.

1. Dragon designs. Slim body or more bulky one?

2. Wyvern designs.

3. Lizard/reptile/other creatures design.

I like the wyvern design. Maybe that could be my second creature?

Which design works the best ? Maybe I should mix these designs? Maybe use another head design to other body? Which body shape works the best? Can't wait to hear some thoughts! :)


UPDATE  21/1/2014

After advices from RJ I chose two creatures and made some adjustments in my designs. The results are down below:

For the next step I've made some studies. I needed to figure out what animals would fit the best. For my dragon I looked for komodo dragon and bird photos. I tried to figure out the bones and how they would fit my dragon. I tried to match the bones. Hopefully it turned out well :) The most important would be to make the wing right.

I studied the komodo saggy skin. I think my dragon would have similar saggy skin in some parts.

For the seconds Creature I looked for the deer, moose and markhor photos.

I think the anatomy and antlers would be similar to the deer. But the long fur will be similar to the markhor fur.


UPDATE   24/1/2014

Starting with color palettes

For the dragon. I think about the colors of the second on the right dragon.

For the second beast. Color palettes here are a bit more simple. 

The scale



The choice here was either pose my dragon while flying or on ground. When I was trying the poses I got the idea for the illustration where my dragon would sit on a rock. I sketched the idea very roughly. Personally I think I could continue this direction and develop this illustration for my final project. 

Second Beast

I would like to emphasize the elongated body shape. That's why I would like to show the profile of the creature. 

UPDATE 31/1/2014

I picked the poses, done the lineart and want to upload it. Next upload will be finished illustration, with colors. Soon! :)

UPDATE 1/2/2014

First the dragon Illustration. I totally changed the color scheme. Let me know what You think. 

Next update willl be with my other beast - forest king creature :)


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