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Dragonology battle system

Recently a friend of mine purchased the game at a local thrift shop. (Worth the price he paid) So we decided to give it a try. It was a decent game. Very simple. Roll, move, collect cards, collect dragons, get to the end. All too easy. So the hardcore gamer came out of and we wanted to take this game a step further. Collecting dragons is cool and all, but we wanted more than anything to battle dragons!!! So we began developing the framework for it. We have only just started and are working are new parts whenever we have a chance. We have the basis down the only thing we need to do is to keep playtesting it until we get it right. 

I decided to take this class to see if there are any interesting pieces of information that the teacher can pass on that I would be able to use. So far I found it all to be pretty standard and I have done most of what he has talked about in the lessons and I have yet to finish. I guess the best part might be that I can get some feed back on some of the ideas that we have building for the game.

The main part I will focus on in here will be the battle aspect that we are adding to the game. We have added another element, but it is nothing huge and I may include it in the future. The game had another means of battle in the games original content and that was a simple game of rock, paper, scissors, but that is too easy, so we decided to build something around each dragon and give them stats and take notes from different Trading Card-type Games. Right now we have all the dragons stated out. There are nine dragons and they are:

We decided to give them all a health, where some have a higher health highest being 12 and the lowest health being 5. Once they had been assigned health we worked on making some of them strong against certain types and some weak against certain types. We have yet to fully flesh that all out. Now we worked on the actual cards. Each dragon has its own special deck with 14 unique battle cards and one card with its stats and other information on the dragon itself. When two players enter into a battle they draw a hand of five cards and each of them lay down three of their cards, face down, in sequential order. Once both players has laid three cards down they then reveal them in a left to right fashion and each player follows what is on the card.

On the cards are things such as Attack and Defense, but there are other special abilities that have different effects. Cards with attack and a number will cause the opponents dragon to lose health while cards that have Defense and a number will cause their own dragon to gain health. The dragon with the higher health wins. This makes each battle quick and to the point and not dragged out. We wanted to make the battles more complex from a simple game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, but not so complex that eats up a lot of the time of the game. As our game gains a little more playtesting I will keep posting more information.


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