Dragon - student project

I didn't quite follow the prompt because I had a different idea in mind when I went into this project.  I wanted to make a dragon illustration for another project, and I thought it was a good time to try out this style.  I've never really done much with outlines, quite the opposite in fact, so it was a fun experiment.  It's actually quite satisfying how neat it is and to be able to step away from the gradients and etc.  

I did a few sketches of different poses, looking at real animals and other illustrations to get inspiration (sorry no pics).  I actually went in thinking I was going to do a more detailed tough dragon (think D&D), but then this little guy came along.

Dragon - image 1 - student project


I couldn't decide whether I like the tail in front or in back better, so I made both!  (I think tail in back, what about you?)


Dragon - image 2 - student project

Dragon - image 3 - student project