Dragon girl

Dragon girl - student project

A. Dragon girl: 

My 7 year old is an avid reader of How to Train Your Dragons so I chose a dragon interaction for my drawing for this class, but as she is a girl, I depicted a girl warrior rather than a boy. 

The scales are inspired by a Shoo Rayner drawing exercise I do from time to time. 

I tried to work on the girl posture here as the emphasis, to convey the movement of the dragon leaning against her hand. Do get the posture right, I used myself as a model in front of the mirror (sorry, no pictures). 

I am happy with the result, but for the body of the dragon, which is too heavy as I did not plan his posture sufficiently before setting off. 

Feedback welcome. 

Materials used: Faber-Castell PITT artist pen F (black), Windsor & Newton Watercolour pocket set (12 colours). 

B. Camping in the rain: 

I was planning to watercolour this sketch I did while camping (and you guessed right, it was raining!).

Dragon girl - image 1 - student project

However I read the bonus lesson on using texture in black and white drawings and I decided not to use watercolour at all but to continue inking my image. 

Here is the final result. 

Dragon girl - image 2 - student project

Karine Hall
Graphic Designer & Illustrator in training