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Dragon, etc.

Well, I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew with this character, but we'll give it a try. I'm new to After Effects, so a much simpler rig may be appearing for future lessons...

This is my initial layered image for dragon character "Coco" made in Photoshop.

Because of all the misc features, the tail and wings and the like, I isolated two separate compositions with those pieces on the head and body and placed them in my main composition. Hopefully this will allow me to focus on just the walk for the next part.

Unfortunately I'm having trouble with the GG Puppet Tool working with the legs... When I convert my pins, the piece jumps way off the board, even if it's supposedly anchored. It also stretches the piece unexpectedly... So that's a struggle I'll have to have before the next lesson. Feeling a bit more confident now, though. At the very least Coco will be able to curl his tail and stretch his wings a bit ^^

**I'm having so many problems with the puppet tool, even the basic eel animation is giving me trouble when I try it on anything other than a PSD. Does anyone else with Creative Cloud have any suggestions? As I mentioned with the Dragon above, when I create nulls from pins, the piece jumps. In the case of the eel, when it jumps away it also creates a mask where the original shape was... Is this typical of shapes/paths vs. imported images? I'm hoping this is just some obvious noob mistake, but it's really impeding my ability to complete any actual animations...

Putting pins on the shape...

Jumps up and away from nulls. 

And when I try to move the shape, not only are the nulls not moving with it, it's like the original position has created a mask that splits the shape...



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