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Dragon Slayer Cover

I've been a fan of Yuko's work for the past few years (since I came across some album art she did in a book called Musikraphics), so I was super excited to hear she was doing a Skillshare class.

Honestly, I started my project last week (before watching these videos), but I was channeling my inner Shimizu while working on it.  I've always loved the shapes she places in the periphery of her core design, and I tried to incorporate that into my initial image, but I ended up editing them out of the final image for simplicity's sake.

I'm about to try to crowdfund a graphic novel I've been working on for the past two years, and I needed a cool cover to make it jump off of the shelves.  My comic Dragon Slayer is heavily inspired by Japanese fairytales, along with storytellers like Miyazaki and Otomo, so I wanted something traditionally Japanese to reflect that.

I decided I would depict the dragon in an almost Ukiyo-esque style.  I usually ink with pens, then compliment the design with wild brush strokes, but for this one I used only a brush. I tried to study up on ukiyo-e fire, but I can't pull of those lines confidently using brushes, so I tested those shapes out in the white space around the dragon.

This image, as well as the final product are relatively simple, but hopefully the finished design will be eyecatching enough to where it stands out on a shelf (if it makes it there!)

Here's the initial scan:

Here's what it looks like without any text:

And here's what it looks like with the logo and the spine demarcated:

Dragon Slayer will officially launch on Kickstarter May 1st - 31st, and if you want a sneak preview of the inside art and the Kickstarter, here's a preview link: 


Thanks for checking my project out! If I can get some free time this week, I want to try Yuko's six stroke challenge :)


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