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Dragon Nest Under Attack!

Hi Everyone, 

This is not only the first project I'm posting on Skillshare, it's also the first digital painting I've done. After watching Jonas's tutorial on Digital painting, I'm so inspired that I've decided to borrow (steal) my friend's wacom tablet and try out my own digital painting and see how far I can go with it. Please feel free to leave any comments. I'd love to hear what other people think about my project as I progress through. Thanks!

Originally I just wanted to do something simple in order to follow the exact same process in the videos. Honestly I just wanted to replicate the same image, but replacing the mushrooms (or whatever sea creatures they are) by eggs, and creating a weird egg farmland scene. So I started with the following draft in black and white. 

But then I thought that I can probably push it further and add more points of interest to my image. So I've decided to add a few dragons to the image, to make these eggs dragon eggs. And in order to explain the broken eggs, I've decided to completely change the tone of the image to a war zone, where the dragons' nest is under attack. So I ended up with...

I'm pretty happy with the draft, as it has a story behind the scene. I then played around the color tone and ended up with...

Below is the reference to my colors. 

and finally this is what I have so far after adding some textures...

Here is what I've got so far. I've added some ground texture and a bit more details on the dragons. 

Still updating..


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