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Brandon Bettes

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Dragon Alliance Portfolio

I decided to create a portfolio for the eyewear brand Dragon Alliance since I will have the opportunity to work with them for the next couple of weeks on a project.  I am hoping it will lead to a full time gig depending on how well I do.  

I wanted to keep this simple by making it short at 3 total pages.  If I wanted to cover all of their products it would've been a lot larger but for the sake of keeping this project simple I only wanted to present their latest innovative H2O Floatable sunglasses called the Jam and their most recent goggle creation, the X2's.  

The first page is the Intro which is Dragon's "ABOUT" info.  The second page covers The Jam Floatable Sunglasses, and the third page is the X2 goggles I previously mentioned.

Page 1: (This page, the about page, presents their most famously known "frameless" goggles, The APX's which were completely groundbreaking at the time so I thought it would go well with who they are.  I also played around with some of the tricks I learned from this class and added some color to the Dragon text.

Page 2: This page present Dragon's H2O Floatble sunglasses, The Jam.  Probably my most favorite style of shades so this is why I chose to make a page covering this model.  Here I took the banner from the Dragon website and placed as a Header.  I then drew the box and included text on the left side.  To the right I added their description of these sunglasses and below the box are the Key Features.  Then following are the six different models of the Jam.  All of which have been hyperlinked on the pdf.

Page 3:  Just like page 2, I took the Jamie Lynn image from the Dragon website and placed as a header.  Same layout as page 2 with the box with text and Dragon logo on the left side, to the right is the description for this Goggle and below the box with text are the Key Features.  Then following are the 8 various models for the X2 goggle.  Each image is also hyperlinked back to the dragon website.

I created many guides to keep things lined up which made life much easier.  I also created a couple of different Paragraph styles, one for Title and one for Body.  I do realize that the pages and body text are somewhat blurry and that's because I converted the pdf to jpeg.  The pdf file is very crisp and the text can be read just fine.

I hope you enjoyed this portfolio and like what Dragon has to offer.  To see more of their killer line up, go to the Dragon website >> www.dragonalliance.com


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