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Dragon Age

Hi Jake! 

My first question is, can I maybe use the game Dragon Age for this project? I am not really a movie person so I don't really have a fav movie. And I wanted to do something with Dragon Age for a while and this looked like a nice opportunity :) 


- Dragon

- Chaos

- Wings

- Red

 Inspirational footage: 



I want to do something with that dragon. But I have no clue what. My first idea was to tell the story of the three games.. but that would take to long since it's due this weekend. I also have not some much experience with shape layers.. so no idea what I can do with it and I just watched the first couple video's. So I think I'll the rest and hope for some birght idea to come haha! 

Since I had no clue what to do... in the video wehere some many options that I kind of lost track haha. So I just decided to wing it and use some of the features in the video and some things as masks as a went along. This is the illustration I made inside After Effects. I thought that was the better option because that way I could work on shapeplayers.. dunno haha. 


So then I had to figure houd to set it in motion, started out with the head en worked my way down. I used a mix of masks and trim paths to do it.


But I found this look a little dull and flat. So I tried to play around with effects, with speed and wiggle etc. And came up with this. I think it fits in the dragon/fantasy theme. 


Still needed a little more and tekst. So I found a Dragon Age font online and added some background '' fury'' like stuff and the end result is this. 



Sorry if I went AWOL with this project, but I thought it was all a little confusing so I just began an figured it out as I went... But I am pretty happy with it though.  Plus I figured out how to make gif now in a different way, because my Tree House project gif failed spectacularly and I couldn't make it work. Partly because I put to much shadows and other stuff into the illustration I think .. the giff I made where never pretty and sharp :(   

Well I hoped it turned out okay and thanks a lot for the class!! I really like trying/learning new stuff, have a lot of fun with it :)



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