Dr Who's Tardis TV show poster

Dr Who's Tardis TV show poster - student project

     I originally started off wanting to draw something by hand (an abandoned plane in a hangar with a person looking off into the desert remembering the good old days)but wasn't happy with how it turned out, didn't have the wow effect plus couldn't figure the best way to put the person.

Dr Who's Tardis TV show poster - image 1 - student project

For a little bit now, I have wanted to work on my drawing skills and 2d computer art but have had better luck in the 3d world. So naturally looked at a few projects I have done with a great free 3d program called Blender.

     Just recently got done with challenging myself to model something for 30 days. This project was made on the 29th day. Considering the complex nature that some objects require for modeling, it ended up being one of the simple "wow" models I have done. While creating this scene, I have been wanting to do a 3d model of a tv reference so I could use it as a wallpaper for my computer. Unfortunately I didn't take pics of the evolution but still have the blend file so I can make changes.

Dr Who's Tardis TV show poster - image 2 - student project