Dr. MAD - student project

Hi, all. My name is Brian. I am a designer and wanna-be sketch artist from North Jersey. I'm no stranger to vector art and how it can be created, but the overall style of my clothing brand seems to revolve around manipulated stock images. This is intentional, but only due to the fact that I CAN NEVER FINISH MY VECTOR PROJECTS. And I'm just a poor freehand artist all around. My mastery is turning the crap to hap on the glowing screen thing.

I have a few awesome ideas that are only about half way finished. Unfortunatley, it's more difficult to find the right photos to get the idea across than it would be to draw it out and scan it.

So, I'm going for it. I've started this new project that may possibly be used for our line in the near future. This time I plan on finishing it with the guidance provided by Chris in this awesome class.

My brand:

I am the artist, the digitizer, and the screen printer. But I'm honestly not here to sell shirts so I'm only gonna show you this:

This is possibly the most 'vector' of all the shirts we offer now. It's actually based on a sketch our friend made. Nothing too crazy. But that's kind of the point. This came out in the Summer of 2012. You might get the theme there.

Dr. MAD - image 1 - student project

The NEW concept:

This isn't really the style we usually shoot for but here it is. A scientist 'Dr. MAD' is concocting a 'Lemon Strawberry Death Juice' for some unseen, unlucky, parched fellow. The title hanging above the entire graphic will be something like 'In The Lab With MadSweet' I haven't really decided what it might say but I have deligated some space for it to fit in. 


My sketch is, as you can see, very very rough. I also draw REALLY light. That's just what feels right to me. And since no scanner currently wants to work in my house, I had to snap a pic with my phone before I could import it into Illustrator. But there you go. I made it work and it actually isn't hurting much.

Again, I am no artist, but I can do a good load of fixing if I need to. And it's only a cartoon. So there's some room for sloppiness. At least, I hope.

Dr. MAD - image 2 - student project

Le Sketch ^


Now the fun bit. I really take my time with this stuff. Sadly, this is fun for me. In fact, it's a Saturday night, and this is what I'm working on.

Dr. MAD - image 3 - student project

Sorry for massive screen shots.

Yes. Those eyes and the layout is similar to the one Chris was using, but those might change later on. For now, accept it and love me.

I do prefer the drawn looking typography over computer fonts, but I'm just too lazy to reach for my pad and sketch it out. So, instead, I typed out 'DR. MAD,' converted it into outlines, and then messed around with the text's curves and character.

Dr. MAD - image 4 - student project

See? Nothing too different, but just a nice hand drawn feel.

Dr. MAD - image 5 - student project

The "Lemon Strawberry' sign has to be drawn out soon; as well as much of the rest of the project.

That's where I stand as of now, after one day of work. Any help and advice is welcome!

I could also use some guidance on my stroke weight. Assuming the print will be around 15 inches tall, would this weight be correct?

Again, I am not a freehand artist, just a kid with a computer and time on the weekends. Chive on.

Update 5/19:

Thickening the shadow-esqu line weights. That may be all I'm doing today. I need a break.

Dr. MAD - image 6 - student project

I could use some tips on how to color this. I just don't know how to go about it..