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Khara Woods

Graphic Designer



Downtown Up High

This picture (I'm really into architecture lately) was taken during the winter after a bit of snow and ice landed, so I wanted to keep it cool. I ended up with an image that's a little more editing than I wanted it to be. I think I ruined the sky. But I'm doing this to make mistakes and get more comfortable with the editing process, especially editing with more intention. I've never used lightroom before until this class. I like it!

As Is


Edit 1


With this I got the lens corrections in first. I used the "enable profile" and "vertical" options. Then I focused on the lighting. I wanted to keep the vibe chilly. I turned my highlights down to get some detail in the sky and add a healthy dose of clarity and contrast for some definition. I softened my blacks and upped my vibrance a lil'.

Final Edit


I put a filter on it! If I did anything differently, I'd take care of my sky a little more. It's a bit of a mess, too much split toning maybe!?!

All Three Side-by-Side



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