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Downtown SF BART Stops

Inspiration (Update 1)

I originally began with a travel motif, starting with the places I've visited in the past year.  While riding public transit to return home, a stranger asked about the differences between two of the downtown stops.  I explained they were really subtle, and that he could realistically take a nice walk to get to his destination, rather than having to ride for 1 stop over.  This actually re-inspired me to create something that symbolically represents each of the 4 downtown BART stops.

Other project ideas I had included icons for the types of public transit trains in the area, the evolution of Nintendo controllers, and donuts.  I wound up with the BART stops for now though because it seemed like a good bar to set if I wanted to push creativity with geometry and color.


I started by trying to identify landmark buildings in each area, and then squeezing them all into a badge.  But because I wanted to keep it symbolic, not letting viewers focus too much on detail, I created silhouettes of the cityscape at each stop.  


I also explored different borders, some resembling outlines of the city's boundaries, and others representing the shape of a BART train.

Stop Labels

The labels in the sketches sit directly below the badge.  This was intentional so that the border looks like the front of a train facing you, with tracks beneath it.

Station Signature

The walls of the stations all have different designs to help passengers distinguish one from the other. I'm exploring taking each of those designs and representing them somewhere in the badge.  For now, the sketches have them as a background banner.  I may remove them altogether if too many colors and shapes clash.

Update 2

Rather than use the actual painted design on the walls of each tunnel to act as signature, I stuck with simple, white shapes to create distinction.  Gray is used to supplement and create tension away from the black silhouette backgrounds.  I realize the color choice might be too bold, sticking with BART's black and blue logo, so I really welcome feedback.


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