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Downtown Orlando

Hey Class,

I'm a Graphic and Interactive design student living in Central Florida. I've been a mobile snapper ever since the iPhone 3GS, but it wasn't until recently that I've got my first DSLR. I took an intro Photography class this past school semester as an elective for the same reason that many graphic designers take it and that's that I wanted to make my own stock photos. But I think I caught the bug and haven't stopped shooting ever since. Plus add that I've taken many of the other Photography Skillshare classes and that has really upped my game. Even though I didn't parcipate in Trashhand's first class project for example, it helped tremendously with improving my shots. 

Feel free to add me on Instagram and for a more solid looking "portfolio", my VSCO gallery has some of my best stuff I think

So my shots were taken in Downtown Orlando. Even though I don't live in Orlando, I live in Kissimmee, I'm literally like 5 miles away from Orlando. Downtown O isn't as big as mega metropolis like Chicago or New York, but I wouldn't say it's small either. It feels small, but it's hard for me to compare since I haven't been to any other modest sized cities. All I know is that buildings can't go up as high because of sinkholes.

For my Street Portrait I went with this guy. I had the same problem a lot of people have mentioned about getting candid portraits. I felt uncomfortable invading their spaces and I had trouble blending in and people noticed me. But I held my ground as Trashhand puts in the class, spoted this statue and waited for this dude to stride by. I used a 55m to 200m zoom lens from the other side of the street. My only own criticism is that he didn't come up as sharp, but I'm overall happy with how it turned out.

For my Motion Blur shot I was surprised I didn't have as much trouble getting it as sharp as possible, but that's due to having had practiced for my Photography college class. My final project was actually a lot of technical camera stuff like motion blur, long exposures, and multiple exposures, which sadly my Nikon D3200 can't do in camera. Super happy with how this shot turned out.

I shot many Lookup shots that I was pretty happy with, but I think this is one of the most interesting lookups in Downtown O. The twin building is called Premiere Trade Plaza Office Tower II and it's on South Orange. In it's a spot where a lot of nightlife happens. It's also where I took the street portrait. It's definitely one of my favorites spots. 

My Night shot was actually the first shot I took. I wast at Downtown at around 6:00am when it was still dark. I knew I wanted to shoot this building at night. The building is the Orange County Courthouse building and it's the third tallest building in Downtown O. I just love the whole architecture of it and it really looks like a building where the Law is executed and practiced. 

I shot these all in one day. Got up at 5:00am, got there at 6:00am and finished at 10:00am. I had the city to myself for an hour or so. I walked a lot. I was tired by the end, but I think it was super worth it. Thanks to Trashhand for being so generous and teaching this class. Truly amazing Photographer.

And again one last self-promo. Be on the lookout on my Instagram for some other shots from this project. If you follow me, leave a message here, so I know it's from Skillshare students so I can follow you back.


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