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Downtown Orlando Streets

Hey class, 

My name is Jay Cruz. I'm a Graphic and Interactive designer based in central Florida. Loved this class and love cheese.

My project isn't complete, and I don't want to cheat and post old stuff, so I'm still on it. But for now you can check out this shot and give me some feedback.



Ok Papachote. As promised, here's the completed project. It took a little while, a little patience, and a lot of sweating, but I'm really happy with my selects. 

S H O O T I N G  S C A L E


S H O W C A S I N G  L I G H T


C O M P L E M E N T E R Y  C O L O R S 


V A N I S H I N G  P O I N T S 


Feel free to follow over at Instagram


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