Downtown Jaunt

Downtown Jaunt - student project

This was day one of my entry into street photography. My initial thoughts are that I might be too shy for this. Anyone else feel that way?

Downtown Jaunt - image 1 - student projectGlass enclosed bus stops. A nice way to start your trip. Downtown Jaunt - image 2 - student projectThis guy was playing the recorder. I had planned to catch him alone when this guy approached him to talk about music. Downtown Jaunt - image 3 - student projectDowntown Jaunt - image 4 - student projectThis might not qualify as street art, but it's part of our art museum that I had never noticed before. Stunning lines. Downtown Jaunt - image 5 - student projectDowntown Jaunt - image 6 - student projectThis tiny locked alley had the most beautiful light. I wish the doors had been open. Downtown Jaunt - image 7 - student project