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Downtime - it's good for your body, good for your mind

Background: I used to travel a lot for work.  When I travel, a lot of my good routines are lost.  I may work more, but I also "reward" myself by eating more, drink more, shop more and watch more TV.    As a result I don't feel good or look good. One important aspect of my routine is to exercise, particularly if I have been eating a lot of restaurant meals. So I could go to the depressing hotel gym with a few bits of equipment and Sky News playing - which means I need to travel with all my fitness gear.Or I could do some yoga or Pilates exercise and stretch out in my room.How do I get a mat or even the basic equipment?  I can't travel with the equipment because its too big and bulky

First iteration: A few years ago I came up with the idea of exercise kits for hotel guests. The idea sprang from my experience staying in hotels while travelling for work and while running Studio Cirq where we would get hotel guests turning up for our drop in classes. It seemed hard - I was going to have to find manufacturers for equipment/bags etc.  So it staying in my mind and on paper as a nice idea but too hard to even start.  

Second iteration: Recently I was inspired by a story about a new start up that offers small storage containers for people in urban centres where for a fixed monthly fee, the container can be collected and delivered to you.  With space at a premium in a big city, this seems like a good business idea, as long as the delivery costs are managed.The concept of lots of small payments is apealing.  Could I get hotels to do the same for the supply and servicing of exercise kits for guests?  Hotels are different to individuals, being run by large, highly organised heirachies - a very inflexible barrier to entry.

Action:  I decided to get a list of the names of Guest Service Procurement Managers for all of the luxury hotels.  I paid a specialist to get this information and I began calling just to present the idea as briefly as I could, explaining my experience in running a city-based yoga studio that services hotel guests.  Mostly the first response was professional, friendly and interested.  Good - this is positive, but much more important is getting a meeting


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