Jessica Mack




Downloadable PDF


While this has a lot of text and not as many fun visual elements or photos as I would have liked - I wanted to design something that I can use right away, and I've promised my blog readers a content brainstorm that they can download. 

The target audience is creatives (artists, illustrators etc) who are struggling to come up with content ideas for social media. 

To appeal to their creative nature I used a large brush font for the heading and a separate hand-written font for the sub heading. The pink and teal are my brand colors, so I used those to make sure all of my handouts have a similar feel and color palette. I made the body copy dark grey because black felt too stark against the softer colors. 

I deliberately ran some of the heading copy and the watercolor elements off the page to add some tension and interest, but I really struggled with how to lay out 21 copy points in an interesting way. Any thoughts or suggestions?




Ok, so I forgot to include my logo and I wasn't happy with the layout at all, so I kept playing and moving things around and I've ended up with this version instead. I think the hierarchy is cleaner, and with the paint splotches moved to the top it isn't making the body copy hard to read. Thoughts?



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