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"Down to the Stillhouse to Get Some Cider"

The Latest

There are a few things that I would like to fix on this version, mostly in the word "Cider," which has given me the most trouble throughout the project. I will try and make the "C" less blocky to match the other letters, and bring in the leg of the "R." It looks as if "to get some" should be moved over or down a little. My background jug could use a little something, especially if I am keeping the design in B&W.


Fleshing It Out

I changed the design of the framework of the illustration, filled in the "Still House" design, and started to define the background jug a little more. The "Cider" is positioned too high on the jug, in that it is running into the tail of the 'H' in "House," and the script is sloppy. I am starting to like the way it is coming out, and it seems like it fits more within a frame, rather than being all over the place and uncentered.

A Little Late Night Inspiration

I had left this project for months, stuck on wanting some kind of drinking vessel in the image, and not feeling very good about it as a whole. One night I was doing something completely unrelated and thought "put a jug behind the whole thing!" Since then I have been obsessed with making it work out. Below is a VERY rough sketch of the new take on the old sketch.

First Sketch

I decided to go with thumbnail #3 to start out with. I liked the fancy serif of "Still House" that I have been playing with, and the "Down to the" at the top on a curve. The idea of having "Cider" in a jar or bottle of some kind I wanted to work out, but the sideways bottle makes the whole image off center; and as you can see, I couldn't work out a good lettering design for the word (which is why it is scrubbed out).

A Few More Thumbnails

After looking back at my first thumbnails and thinking about the design a bit more, I thought it best to give them another go and allow myself a few more options to choose from. I came up with these:

Of the six of them, I am partial to the first, third and sixth. I like the idea of fitting the text in a container, and maybe it could be a mason jar instead of a demi-john. The round design was really quickly done; I had the idea of making it look a little more like the label you would find on an old whiskey bottle, but I will have to play with it to see if it can work better than the one above.


Playing with containers and the word "Cider:"

I like the idea of putting the word "Cider" into a container from which moonshine might usually come from. Below I sketched a few whiskey jugs, a bottle and a mason jar, and a number of different text combinations. I'm surprised that I am happy with all of them, in different ways. The choice will depend on the direction I want to take it: antique and rustic, letterpress, or slightly more modern.



I completed a few rough thumbnails, and am not completely taken with any one in particular, but it is good to see the possibilities of where this may go. There is a recurring theme of old wood, jugs/jars, and an old lantern.  I am also playing with the idea of making "Stillhouse" into a still.



I have done little to no lettering projects, so I had to spend a lot more time on the warm-up than I thought I would, but the practice results were rewarding and I am excited to keep working on the project. I have also been trying for a representational example, where "Stillhouse" forms into a still, but it will take more work before I even want to put it up here.




Down to the Stillhouse to Get Some Cider

I am an old-time musician inspired by Appalachian history and music. Naturally, the first place I thought of to look for a good phrase was to my music library which is full of delightful songs and lyrics to choose from. Many songs and tunes relate to prohibition, moonshine and drinking, which is better than the murder ballad alternative. I chose my phrase "Down to the Stillhouse to Get a Little Cider" from the name of a fiddle tune "Cider" and some of the lyrics from it.

I also have some ties to moonshine, through work for a friend's moonshine still kit business. I've worked with copper until my hands come out smelling like pennies. If my project turns out alright, I could see my friend using it as a sticker or t-shirt for his company.



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