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Down to one...


I'm really excited about my phrase: And it all comes down to one.

It's from the song One by India.Arie - the song talks about how it only took one person (Gandhi, Dr. MLK Jr., etc.) to spark positive change in the world... and that is only takes one person to continue the fight for tolerance, cooperation, and peace around the world. I kinda love it. 

This is my very first lettering class and I'm stoked about creating something awesome! I think I got a bit ahead of myself with my sketches, but here's what I've got so far: 

I divided my word list between what the song made me think of and what the stand alone phrase made me think of... Overall, I find the song to be uplifting, bold, and encouraging. 

Towards the bottom of the page, I played with ways to write out the phrase. I understand this is a bit premature, but I was getting excited. It's a work in progress. I really want the word ONE to stand out from the phrase - as the ending of such a powerful statement. 

**Unfortunately, I didn't save my reference materials, but I'm in the process of finding them so they can be added to the page!**

I just started playing around with various styles for a few of the words. I like the idea of writing the word DOWN in its direction, but I'm not sure how it should end up. For AND, it's one of the weaker words (in my opinion) so I'm at a loss of what to do with it. 

Again, I'm getting ahead of myself (I'm way too excited about this), but here's a rough draft of where I am now: 

Thoughts? I like where I've ended up for today, but I feel like the statement needs to show more power. I'm thinking bolder lettering, perhaps. I think the colors and illustrations (coming later) will add to the phrase as well. 


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