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Dove Counseling

1.  Objective (What does the brand want to achieve?)
The brand that provides counseling services to the creative sector in New York City.

2.  Target (Whom does the brand want to reach?)

Provide psychotherapy services to freelancers, artists, graphic designers, journalists, entrepreneurs and wellness instrutors and those working in creative fields of art and entertainment and advertising.   

3.  Issue (What core, real-world problem does the brand solve?)

Providing care and compassionate psychotherapy. Flexible schedule to accomadate the professional demands of my clients and I also provide phone and skype sessions when my clients are on the road.

4. Solution (What is the brand idea that answers the Issue, expressed in a clear and compelling statement?)

Happiness is an inside job,

5.  Support (What are the facts of the case,â eg, the key information?)
The creative sector accounts for 40% of the jobs in New York City.  The growing number of independant workers is evident by the growth of the freelancers union.

6.  Personality (What is the tone?)
Change is possible. 

1. In one year, what do you want your brand to be known for?

The place for creative individuals and couples to recieve psychotherapy services:

  • clients are making positive changes in their lives and reaching their personal goals
  • satisfied clients refer other clients.

2. The people who love your brand most care about:

  • Compassionate care to support positive change
  • Flexiblity in Scheduling
  • Skype and Phone services when on the road
  • Lovely office environment 
  • Ability to send emails between sessions
  • Slding Scale fees when needed

3. Your brand is NOT:

Just another place to recieve therapy

A place that does not understand the challenges of working in a creative field

A place where you have only one option to recieve therapy

4. Above all else, your brand stands for:

Compassionate and caring psychotherapy for those working in the creative sector in NYC, and addressing the unique needs of freelancers, and creative individuals and couples.





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