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Sean Pollock

CEO of Doughboy Soldier Apparel



Doughboy Soldier Apparel



                             "Your Style is Defined by the strengthen of your Passions" 

The DOUGHBOY SOLDIER is an individual in pursuit of Ultimate Success, is a total soldier to their ambition, views the path taken, and boldly makes his own. The DOUGHBOY SOLDIER is in pursuit of constant progression and the Salute of Excellence.

About Us

Many people take this time to talk about themselves. So should I speak on my upbringing, how I’m just a street kid looking for an outlet. How I went to my moms garage and found my artistic edge and threw it on a T-shirt. Nah, cause that wasn’t me. Plus, Everyone has a back story; where they come from, what shaped them into the person they are today. Everyone has something they really want. Some won’t admit it but, everyone wants to be recognized for their talents and success. That’s what Doughboy Soldier Apparel (DSA) is about. Everyone seeks some fom of succes but everyone has a different definition of what sucess is to them. Its really about how hard are you willing to go to acheive your dreams.  The passion to make the idea grow into an unstoppable force, a special group or society of individuals that wont quit. 

Why did we choose to stay with the name Doughboy when so many view it as recent urban slang tied too drug dealing and ill gotten gains.. Or Trendy rap slang that has no staying power.

Which is so far from the origin of the word. which explains the Soldier  Head Logo which represent the brand? The First American Soldiers of WW1 were called Doughboys. There are varying tales as to why but the one constant being the title Doughboy started with a small American expeditionary force that grew to represent the entire military.

My reason for choosing Doughboy Soldier Apparel or DSA for short, along with the soldier head once I found out the origin of the name was the pride and respect given to our men and women of the armed forces. I couldn't think of a better logo or brand to represent me and those like me who. Who been through so much and view everyday as preparing for war every task as a battle to be won.

We all had moments when you wake up and feel like your going to war. Sometimes your accomplishments make you feel like you won the battle and soon will win as well so you keep on fighting cause  you can smell victory. However, win - lose  - or - draw you fight cause your spirit and passion will carry you through everyday.  Ask yourself when you get up everyday don’t you wake up to achieve something? Don’t you have a goal, an agenda or mission? Don't you have a inner passion that burns inside you that no one can exstingish. So then you are a soldier to your dreams, success and, passion. However you define it is totally up to you. We are in the age of explorer, adventures self made individuals. Starting as a small force, the started from the bottom now we're here generation. (Thanks Drake ) What’s a better symbol to represent the people and a future which is so bright with so many more stars to come. If you still can’t see it yet just ask yourself, what is your passion and how often do you wear it on your sleeve or display it on your chest. What would you put it all on the line for? Cause when you figure out that you will see you are a Soldier. Doughboy Soldier Apparel should be reppin’ for you and I would be honored to welcome you into the ranks

The Best  Part, Our Journey is just beginning. We are building, recruiting strong passionate individuals that embrace and share their passion with the world……….








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