Doug Stanhope

Doug Stanhope

Updated Mar, 1st 2013

Doug Stanhope is an American stand up comedian, actor and author known for his abrasive comedy style. His material ranges from true-life graphic perversion to volatile social criticism. Doug is vulgar, opinionated, brutally honest and shockingly uninhibited and is certainly not for everybody.
He started his career in Las Vegas doing jack-off jokes for free drinks.

Start Sketching.

Because Doug is considered a controversial comedian I'm going for a dark tongue-in-cheek style for this poster. I also recently bought an Intuos5 Wacom tablet which I really want to use to create a line drawing style of poster.

Draft of Best Sketch Idea:

After getting an idea of the tone and layout from my initial sketch ideas, I quite enjoy seeing Doug on a horse as the grim reaper while smoking a cigarette. This idea seems rather fitting and the direction I've decided to take this poster.

At this stage I'm quite happy with the overall layout of this idea. I'll take this sketch into photoshop and continue with some line drawing using the pen tablet. Once I get that done I'll look more in depth into specific type and overall colours.

Start Final Version - Line Drawing:


Starting to colour and fill with more detail.


I know the whole hand drawn style of type is everywhere at the moment, but I still wanted to have a go at it. Full credit to Jon Contino who is the master of this style for this inspiration.


Textured the background to make the overall look feel more dark and gloomy.


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