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Double Knot Records

I am working with a friend to develop a brand new record label inspired by labels such as Sacred Bones Records, Captured Tracks, Mexican Summer and Art is Hard Records. We want Double Knot Records to focus on working with great new UK based artists and producing exciting designs. The brand's 'look' should be on trend but not predictable, professional but friendly, well designed/finished but with an edge or an element of a D.I.Y aesthetic. To get an idea of the sort of music that inspires the label and the design check out a mix we made here (under previous promoter name Alternative Jukebox).

We were inspired to have our own label after working as DJs and live music promoters, as we loved working with bands and wanted to get more involved (also as a graphic design student it is an amazing design opportunity for me). I have been studying Graphic Design for about a year and a half (check out previous work here) but this is my first time properly designing a logo. That is enough about me; here are some logos and fonts that will be inspiration to Double Knot Records logo design:

Here are my initial sketches:

From these initial ideas I chose (with the input of my parter) 7 ideas to develop further:


This design is very simple and safe


This has quite a rough around the edges / D.I.Y look - could be fun to play with different icons on the end of the loops


This desing is very 'trendy' which could look cool but also a big risk of it looking outdated in a few years time. Prehaps tone it down but keep elements of the fun shapes in the letters.


This is also quite simple and safe - needs work to bring it to life and the layout and shape must be improved a lot but I like the concept.


This is actually quite similar to number 1 but a different approach to the knots and layout.


This design is a bit more knot inspired - this needs lots of work to get letters fitting nicely and making the knots look like knots not pretzels... here are some more knot ideas that I will be trying in the development of this design:


Similar to number 6 but knot here is used more as an icon- same problems and knot design needs extra extra work to make sure it is clear what it is.

Next I will be doing a few more sketches improving these final 7 ideas then digitalizing my ideas.


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