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Regie Bariuan

Lettering Artist and Designer



Double Burpdee Gig Part 2

Here's what I came up from the Monoline class project. You can check out the process I did here to came up with this lettering.


Quick background about this is I am using this as a title for a double birthday celebration gig poster. I was aiming for something with the birthday feels and fun looking.


Here, we have the monoline version of the title.



I then separated some of the parts where I want to put shadows. I just did this with the letter B and the letter U. The rest of the letters were already separated.


While doing the shadows, I had some trouble with the letter B since what I want to happen was a bit tricky to arrange. I just added another part to cover the shadow in the bowl and the stem of the B. The same thing was done with the letter R and P. You can see it in the image below.


Then here's what it looks like when I added a single color.


Once completed, I also applied the mask to clear the grains. Then I added the colors to add the birthday feel to it. This is the final version of my project.


Here it is in actual use on the cover photo of the Facebook Event Page.

991b7d1cHope you like it and feel free to give me some tips on how I can still improve this. Thank you. :)


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