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Regie Bariuan

Lettering Artist and Designer



Double Burpdee Gig Part 1

I was actually doing the Shading Letters class before this. But since this class was mentioned at the start, I just decided to check this out first and then apply the shading effects later. I am currently doing a gig poster and the title is Double Burpdee Gig. There will be a double birthday celebration for that night. I am aiming for a look that has the birthday feels which is colorful and fun. So I checked out Skillshare and found these classes that match the style that I was looking for.

Here, I started to explore the title and I just tried to find ways on how I can write it. I'm just trying to find out how the words would look together while also checking the length of the words.



I then settled with this format and then started working through it with Illustrator. It's a bit different from the class since I'm not doing a script style.



First was placing the anchor points. I have to keep in mind here that less is better. I tried to place everything in vertical and horizontal positions at my first try.



Then as I was refining everything, there are letters that are a bit slanted so I tried to follow to also apply this to some of my anchor points. So as you can see here, not everything was perfect. I'm not sure if this was correct but it works for now.


For the final version, I adjusted some of the weights of the letters and also fix the kerning and leading of the letters to make it more balanced. I squinted a lot of times while doing this. Now here's the final single color version that I will use on the shading letters class.



Feel free to check out my other project in the Shading Letters in Illustrator class.


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