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Michelle Terril

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Double Booking

Before tackling the issue, I took a stance. I decided that the most important part of this was the fans - they had purchased tickets and wanted to see the band play, and letting them down is the worst thing that you can do. So the band would either need to somehow honor their engagement, or come up with some sort of compensation that was better than being able to see the band in an average festival environment.

I broke the problem down into 4 avenues:

  1. Find a solution where the entire band plays

  2. Find a solution where some members of the band play

  3. Find a solution where no members play, but fans are somehow compensated / it would be made up to them

  4. Find a solution where no members play, but fans are somehow involved / engaged

When necessary, music equipment would be rented.

From there, I came up with solutions along each line.

  1. The band plays both festivals, but it's from a remote location that has 2-way satellite communication, so the band can communicate with the crowd. The location needs to be over the top, something that couldn't be done at a festival, like the pyramids, stonehenge, top of the Eiffel tower, etc. The key here, though, is to make the show interactive, so that the members aren't missing out. So maybe when there are balloons dropped during the band's performance, balloons are dropped on the crowd. If they are by the pyramids, maybe dancers in ancient Egyptian garb and camels ring the crowd. It needs to be intense, involved, and elaborate so that the crowd is excited and involved, instead of let down.

  2. Some members are at one festival location, and some members are at another festival location. To fill in the missing parts, they have multiple members from other popular music acts that are playing the festival come in and make guest appearances to rotate out the missing members, effectively making a giant supergroup.

  3. The band cancels one festival, but gives out tokens to all the audience members that come for the show. These tokens, which are recorded with the person's name and ID so they are not transferable or saleable, gives them the ability to attend, within the next 3 months, an elaborate private party showing meet and greet with a live performance as a make-up to the fans, along with a $300 pp travel voucher if they live outside a 100 mile radius of the make-up show location. 

  4. The performance becomes a karaoke / cover band competition, where the band is viewing the performance and available by satellite, but the audience participates by singing along on stage and possibly playing instruments, as well. All audience members are gifted with specialty swag, including concert tshirts, posters, and the like, that specially commemorate this band's special karaoke event.

In all instances, since they cannot attend the regular performance, they become involved in or invited to something even more special and interesting than before.


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