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Doube Life Apparel

What do you do?

A simple question that no longer has a simple answer. In 2013, your job, hobbies and talents are all relevant to "what you do" and are all worth mentioning, especially when trying to impress. Gone are the days of working for one company for 20 years and retiring, here are the days of turning hobbies into businesses and flooding the world with new, out of the box concepts in marketing, art, music, politics and commerce.

We are living many lives, balancing between family, work, friends and happiness everyday, and although we bounce around, the one consistent factor is our clothes. Our clothes reflect our mood, personality, title and culture. Fashion is meant to convey personality, exude confidence and boost esteem; Double Life Apparel selects only the most unique styles in limited quantities to ensure that our customers won't have to worry about standing out in the crowd.

What is Double Life Apparel?

Founded in 2013 by Adora Celeste, Double Life Apparel is a startup online accessory store featuring hand made, custom and unique headgear for men and women. The goal was to bring styles from across the country to consumers screens at a price that anyone can appreciate. 100% woman and minority owned, Double Life Apparel hopes to gain momentum in raising the popularity of snapback, fitted, sunhat and beanies among women by designing hats that are pretty, have attitude and match outfits. Adora Celeste designs one of a kind hats from her own imagination and builds hats to make the vision of her customers come true. By focusing on hats in the begining, Double Life Apparel hopes to build a fan base for clothing and other accessories to be added to the line-up.


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