Dotwork Flowers!

Dotwork Flowers! - student project

Thank you Lonneke for your class :) I had such a great time trying out this style of shading. It really is relaxing, albeit time consuming!

The flower I chose to practice on was the Gladiolus. This flower mostly represents strength to me and I just love its petals. The first go around with it, I think I had put too many lines in the petals before doing any dotwork, so it looks a bit muddy to me. It turned out alright, but it was nice to have practice before trying the final composition!Dotwork Flowers! - image 1 - student project


Sooo I know this was a flower composition class, but I am also really interested in the figure, so I tried my hand at combining the two. Again, it got a bit muddy, but I wanted the figure to feel "overgrown." I tried to remedy how busy the flowers were by adding just a touch of pink! I think that helped to balance the overall composition. 


Thank you again for your class, I may try out some others as well! Please let me know of any feedback y'all have. I've been out of practice with drawing for a while. Have a great day!

Dotwork Flowers! - image 2 - student project