Dot pattern exercise in random order

For this exercise I was really interested in randomness and how objects could be organized in a random order. It seemed curious to me how to position elements on a page without using a formula or some kind of pattern. I wanted to learn more about distributing objects on a surface randomly, in a way that is not organized.

While working on this project that what seems random to our eyes is in fact a part of a larger pattern that we cannot simply observe. 

For example in this project my starting point was this Sony Bravia commercial with the streets of San Francisco filled with bouncing balls. The colorful bouncing balls are very pleasing to the eye (which makes my think how heavily edited the commercial has been). The balls seem to be randomly faIling and bouncing but aside from the technical video editing, the movement of the balls is determined by their weight, size, other objects in their proximity, and the force that set them in motion.

Recreated the order and shapes of one of the scenes from the commercial. 


I traced the shapes keeping the original colors and then started playing with colors.


I decided to reduce the colors.


And play with gradients a bit.


As always I welcome constructive feedback and I would love to know what your thoughts are about randomly ordering objects/the impossibility of organizing things in a truly random manner.


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