Swaminathan Jayaraman

User Interface Leader at Quick2LAUNCH



Dosawala.com - Locate and learn about the street food stalls in India

Dosa - is a fermented crepe or pancake made from rice batter and black lentils.

Wala - an Indian suffix indicating a person involved in the activity, here Dosawala is the one who prepares dosa.

Dosawala.com is a space which documents the story behind successful street food stalls. Why Dosawala.com? because it was at this street dosa stall named Ayyapan Dosa Stall in Matunga, Mumbai that provoked me to believe that a story lies behind every street food stall which should be documented. (If not great atleast an entrepreneurial aspect should be interesting)

Just to make sure, the name of my website is inspired from dosa but will document any street food stall that I find interesting.


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