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Dora Bitsi Designs! - student project

Hello there! My name is Dora and I love designing things! I have been a self taught graphic designer for 3 years now.

MY STORY : I loved art and drawing since I was a kid when I first attended classes in Art after school. I pursued though a career in Economics, and after that, a Masters In HR. Which was the best way to make me understand how much I wanted to not work in that. My other big passion is traveling. So It all stareted with that. Together with my boyfriend we crossed Africa and then Asia in 6 months each, travelling only with our backpacks, testing our limits and meeting people, making friends! We created our own documentaries and started touring Greece (That is my homeland) and speaking to people why they should follow their passion. But who to do all our graphic design stuff?? I made our first cards using Powepoint, same with the logo of Our Travel Blog named Dream.Travel.Live.

Together we funded Wheeling2Help, an NGO that helps people through volunteering. So many thigns to do, creating visuals for the social media, posters for our documentary viewings, logos for our projects. I was constantly reading more and more on how to become better at designing and got good comments from professionals too. I started using Illustrator and tking advice from professionals on how to become better.

My personal issue was tough, that I didn't consider myself a designer, because I didn't go to school for that. So even though I wanted to create more and more things I was afraid to make it official, to shout it out ..YES I AM a Graphic Designer! This year I took the big decision, this is my passion and I am going to make it happen!

MY MISSION : To gain confidence on how to deal with situations working as a Freelancer. How to take projects and advertise myself out there. The biggest challenge of all, how to set my value to the market !

MY CONCEPT-WORK : I believe if you have a passion and you follow it then you will succeed for sure! I My work so far other than creating graphic designs, includes offering my help in the aspect of Branding for example in NISI, a multi events space offering Glamping in tent Style Accommodation. I am also interested in taking forward my personal brand of handicrafts from all over the world - Africanism Collection. My aim is to find time and create crafts myself.

Dora Bitsi Designs! - image 1 - student project

Dora Bitsi Designs! - image 2 - student project

Logo and Identity for My Personal Creative Project. Colourful & full of geometric patterns and exotic feel. The symbol of Pineapple is the main product of Gongo, the village in Tanzania where I found my African Family <3 - Africanism Collection

Dora Bitsi Designs! - image 3 - student project

Dora Bitsi Designs! - image 4 - student project

Dora Bitsi Designs! - image 5 - student project

Dora Bitsi Designs! - image 6 - student project

Logo and additional Graphics needed for the Branding and Promotion of NISI, a multi-events space in the heart of Greece offering Luxurious accommodation in Nature. NISI means island in Greek . We named the place NISI because we wanted it to be like a separate land where things happen just in your dreams, like on an island full of sun and happy people! The Symbol of Plane Leaf is the ancient tree that guards the entrance to NISI and brings shade to our guests during the hot summer days. -NISI Polychoros


Dora Bitsi Designs! - image 7 - student project

A logo for a very special project that involved crossing the Balkans by bicycle and zero budget to prove there is still kindness (Kalosyni in Greek) in this world. Elpidoforos (my boyfriend) would be appearing in stranger homes explaining his attempt and that he was just looking for a bit of kindness <3 He did manage to cross the distance and had an experience of a lifetime !The logo it self shows exactly that -Red balloons for the fact that love lifts you up. - Kalosyni Project

Dora Bitsi

Graphic Designer