Dopamine Detox My Thoughts

Dopamine Detox My Thoughts - student project

Personally, for me, the dopamine detox wasn't that hard. There are three main reasons.

#1- Before I started the dopamine detox I already removed most of my bad habits. For example social media, video games, (personally I never had this issue) drugs, and junk food. Because of this, I didn't have a lot of temptations and urges. That's not to say I wasn't devoid of urges though, I'm not buddha lol. Personally, I found myself reaching for my phone to use three apps when I was getting bored or experiencing mental fatigue. These three apps for me were Youtube, Reddit, and Quora. Before the detox, I genuinely thought that I had my "low quality" or "time-wasting" habits under control. But during the detox, I discovered my flaws and now aware of them so I can create a seamless foundation for my self-improvement journey.

#2- The second reason is that I was leveraging my time. For those who don't know what time leverage is I'll give the google def. Time leverage is achieving the biggest result with the least amount of effort. It is about simplifying and finding the quickest route to the result you want. Literally what I did for most of the day was watch Hamzas Aesthetic Body Transformation Course. This is where it ties back into the concept of time leverage. I didn't struggle with "staying on task" because I knew that this was one of the best uses of my time for the current me. That handful of hours I invested into learning from that course gave me more value than the hundreds of hours I used to spend on video games and social media.

#3- I found that whenever you are looking for a distraction or are bored that should be your trigger to practice mindfulness. I found that practicing mindfulness actually leads to deep focus or flow. If you've watched Hamzas's course on mindfulness he says that each time you go from being aware that you're not mindful to actually being mindful, it's like a bicep curl for your brain. In the long run, it'll make your mind stronger overall.

The final benefit that I received was that I got a snapshot of the experience from the day in the life of a high-performance person. What I mean by that is that a majority of my day was spent on high-quality activities. If you really want to improve then THIS is how you do it. Time spent on Quality activities = High-quality results. That simple. Seeing it once is better than hearing it 1,000 times, going forward I believe that the path to greatness will be achieved by practicing this high-quality lifestyle.