Doors with Viddhi tips

Doors with Viddhi tips - student project

I've been trying to sketch some doors and I made it from a photo reference so far. After this lesson, I understood why my doors so far weren't great :) I t was all about proportions of empty space around door - in my previous doors I didn't have much space. Now, after the lesson, I could go back to doors and make painted doors from photo reference but with Viddhi's tips.

This lesson is great and I recommand it to everyone on every level of creating watercolor :)

Doors on the image below:
1. Marrakech, Morocco
2. Nicosia, Cyprus
3. Lisboa, Portugal
4. Jaipur, India

Thank you Viddhi for this great lesson :)
Best regards from Poland :)Doors with Viddhi tips - image 1 - student project