Doomsday badges or "We're all gonna die!" (again...)

Doomsday badges or "We're all gonna die!" (again...) - student project

A few more....

Doomsday badges or "We're all gonna die!" (again...) - image 1 - student project

Doomsday badges or "We're all gonna die!" (again...) - image 2 - student project


I wasn't sure if I described adequately what my vision was with the "template" and "Action" I mentioned in the other's a quick and dirty render of an "Asteroid Doomsday" type badge

Doomsday badges or "We're all gonna die!" (again...) - image 3 - student project

**Vector Art Update**

So this is kind of the idea I'm going to run with as my badge "template." The blue globe will have a partial Earth on it and then on the left side and leading up to his right hand will be the "action" of each badge. The title of the badge will be on the scythe so you know which doomsday you are on :)

Doomsday badges or "We're all gonna die!" (again...) - image 4 - student project

**Update Thursday April 19th**

Was toying around with a few more ideas, then decided I was getting too detailed at this stage and needed to focus more on the general shape of the badge first and try to identify which elements I wanted to be "permanent" across all of the badges and which parts would change depending on the subject of the badge.

Doomsday badges or "We're all gonna die!" (again...) - image 5 - student project


Project Introduction/ Opening Post

First off, hello everyone! This is my first class through Skillshare so i'm looking forward to trying it out. Now, onward to the project idea :)

I love a good Doomsday theory, you could almost say I'm a collector of them as I always get a kick out of reading what 'danger to all mankind' is lurking just around the corner. How many "Doomsday scenarios" has the planet already survived? My favorite line when talking about the theories is "We're all gonna' die!! (again)"

So this is where my badges idea came in. I compare it to a merit badge system like in the boy/girl scouts and I thought, what a great way for ol' mother earth to show off her survival rate than to have a set of badges showcasing them all.

It's kind of a light-hearted look at what can sometimes be a scary subject for some, or just good entertainment for others.

As I started brainstorming, I could easily see the ideas were plentiful and choosing the favorites for the project should be fun. Looking forward to some feedback and having fun with this project and getting to know some of my fellow students along the way!

Doomsday badges or "We're all gonna die!" (again...) - image 6 - student project