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Doodly Doo!

I'm super excited to be taking a class that Jon Burgerman is teaching as I've followed his work for a while now. The best part so far is really loosening up and just letting the pen go and do its thing on the page. Most of the time I carry around two sketches books, one gridded and the other plain. I'll most likely do future doodles like this as it will be easier to scan and clean up. (dont mind the blue fly like's dead pixels)

While doodling I tried incorporating some characters but this particular sketch, at least to me, didn't come out as I wanted. I was probably thinking too much as I was drawing it. 

Since I had glitter posca pens I tried using thoses to see what came out. I definitely prefer the left image to the right but what I normally find after doing these exercises are interesting shapes or overlapping ideas that work and dont work. Sometimes I'll take those shapes and make something completely new out of them. 

The image below was more so a result of the shapes that I keep seeing in my doodles. I also played around with head shapes and then eventually some characters started forming. It's fun seeing how things are unfolding in this class. I look forward to more ideas and totally am gonna do more doodle exercises to get the creative juices following. 


Yesterday I received my new cintiq and i've been spending most of my time just playing around with it and scanning in all my new/old drawings that Ive done. I'm surprised at how many things I've picked up since my last cintiq as well as observing fellow artists and with the help of Jon Burgerman's videos. Below I've attached a sketch of the current doodle that i've been working on. 

UPDATED-----------: Here's more progress on this sketch. I'm working on getting the shadows in here and then it'll be done! I'm hoping I can put this on an all over shirt print as im working at a really high resolution. Jon are there any tips or places that I could check out to see where I could get these printed on a shirt? 

UPDATE 12/6/2014-----------------------------------------------

Hello Again Everyone! I've seen some great comments on my project while I've been away. It's been a while since I last took a look at this skillshare but I appreciate all the support from the comments and likes that you've given me. To date I actually went ahead and printed my poster and went on to do a few other things like the Zelda Finn & Navi Bemo that you see on the right. Earlier this year I also appeared in a few art shows around the Bay Area of San Francisco and it's been a fun ride. 

While the year is now ending i'm finding new endeavors to take on and I just hope I have more time to create. Thank you for enjoying my work and feel free to comment or ask me questions if you wish! Thanks again!!!


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