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Rebecca Maguire

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Doodling your Day Away | November Sketchbook Challenge

I've been trying to work in my sketchbook everyday for 2 months now. So far I've been doing well... I'm so excited to join this challenge!

Day 1 | "Fall"

I love fall! It is my favorite month and it makes me think of so many things! Halloween, pumpkins, beautiful weather, leaves, football, scarves... etc!


Day 2 | "gourds" 


Day 3 | "Colors"

Still in fall mode, I instantly thought of a perfect fall day in my head... beautiful, endless, and cloudless blue skies... with bright yellow aspen trees and pumpkins! Also I love the contrasting colors! Blue vs. Orange (plus, go Broncos!)... Blue vs Yellow. 


Day 4 | Hay

I immediately thought of the future fall displays I will put together for my front porch. This year I lacked time AND money... but I envision hay, indian corn, pumpkins, gourds... anything fall!


Day 5 | "Feast"

I really wish my favorite restaurant was still around... all you can eat salad and hot bar! Delish!


Day 6 | "bonfire"

Ok, I'll admit it... s'mores are my absolute favorite. I set my mallow on fire and mix up what types of chocolate I use! It isn't a party, a cookout, a camping trip, etc. if I don't get my s'mores! 


Day 7 | "Home"

I just did a quick doodle of my husband and I's first home. It might not be our dream house, but it is filled with love! We just bought it and it is our first "real" home because before we lived in an apartment and my mom's basement. We are slowly adding our touches to it and I'm so happy to have a home to share with him and our two crazy mutts! 


Day 8 | "Gather"

I've been obsessed with drawing pumpkins this fall so I wanted to draw a wagon with pumpkins loaded up... :) 


Day 9 | "Season"


Day 10 | "Chill"


Day 11 | "Tea"


Day 12 | "Apples"


Day 13 | "Leaves"

I love ginkgo leaves... especially in the fall. Wanted to do just pencil with this one.


Day 14 | "Acorn"


Day 15 | "Socks" but I changed it to do "Sox" as in RED SOX! :)


Day 16 | "boots"


Day 17 | "Family"


Day 18 | "Park"


Day 19 | "spice"


Day 20 | "pie"

Yummy! I had a lot of fun drawing a whole pie AND a slice of pie!


Day 21 | "cabin"

I did a very rough sketch of my dad's house/our cabin out in Colorado. I love the house... it is colorful inside and out! PLUS it is in my favorite place in the whole world.... :) 


Day 22 | "scarf" 

I couldn't do just a scarf!! ;) 


Day 23 | "still" 

When I was little our living room was off-limits... except at Christmas time. Once we got the tree up early in December, I would often just go in the living room and sit and stare at the tree. Or read. Or look at the gifts under the tree and dream about what I was getting. It was a sense of "calm" amongst the craziness that is the holiday season. I can't wait to decorate my first house that I own this Christmas with my new husband!! 


Day 24 | "snuggle"

Our new rescue dog, "Guster," named after the band (logo recreation) is such a snuggle/cuddle bug!


Day 25 | "hat"

I couldn't decide on just one! :) 



Day 26 | "warmth"

Spent Thanksgiving in Florida.... near the beach!


Day 27 | "coat"


Day 28 | "lantern"

This was literatly doodled quickly, on a night road trip when my husband stopped to get gas! I had no light the rest of the trip, so this was my only option! Ironic that the prompt was "lantern!" 


Day 29 | "full"

My heart is so full. It has been a rough year, so I'm ready to see it go! Even though I married my best friend, I've lost loved ones, said goodbye to loved ones, dealt with a lot of anxiety. Creating art everyday has helped me feel better... and now my heart is feeling full again.


Day 30 | "giving thanks"

Thank you Ria for this class and the november challenge! Both have taught me a lot and helped me to get outside my comfort zone and stop making excuses! I just hope I can keep up this wonderful habit... I need it! 



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