Doodling with the Art Elements: 7 short and mind bending exercises

Doodling with the Art Elements: 7 short and mind bending exercises - student project


January 23, 2019


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January 15th, 2019 

*New Name*

Doodling with the Art Elements: 7 short and mind bending exercises

To doodle is to free your mind as you make marks on the paper, shapes, and as images emerge. In this class we will create abstract doodles in order to learn the art elements. The art elements are the foundation for the visual world, everything visual - drawing, painting, graphic design, architecture, photography, fashion itself is full of these elements.

This class consists in seven short and mind bending exercises, they’re easy, fun and interesting. You'll start doodling from day one. They’re short because it helps you create a drawing habit and they’re mind bending because they are unusual. Through these short doodles you will learn about line, shape, form, value, space, color and texture. 

The class is for beginners as well advanced.


Class Outline


January 11, 2019

Originally called "Doodling for beginners (and not so beginners)"

Doodle is not only easy and fun, it's relaxing and it can also help you improve your creativity by accessing areas of your brain which other disciplines don't. The reason for this is because doodling let's your mind wander and make interesting associations which result in new ideas. Doodling, according to Wikipedia " a drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied." Meaning, you make a doodling while you're thinking about something else, is not a drawing you would stress about, it's a kind of scribble. 

All that said, doodling, more than anything else is a state of mind. The outcome doesn't matter, what matters is that you are able to express yourself with pictures. And this course will teach you exactly that.

This course consists in a series of short exercises which will help you get into a free state of mind and will lead you to create your own doodles. As you learn to doodle you will also be learning about the elements of design such as line, shape and composition. The projects will be a mix of abstract and realistic doodles. 

This class includes:

1. An introduction to the art of doodling

2. Tools and materials

3. Doodle #1: "Take your line for a walk"

4. Doodle #2: "Creating unusual shapes and arranging them"

5. Doodle #3: "Shapes and characters"

6. Doodle #4: "Shapes and perspectives"

7. Doodle #5: "Creatures in pattern fashion"

8. Final thoughts





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