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Doodling in Urban Vinyl Art of Toys.

For the past couple years I was working a low paying job and realized that I was creating a future for others instead of myself. I decided that if I am going to make something of myself that I will have to take responsibility for having a better future for myself.


I started the brand “AdrianoINK” in early January for 2013. My earlier work was created by using pencil and pen to make dark surrealistic pictures and releasing them to wider audience. Later that year, I was looking for an alternate medium and discovered Copic Markers and been creating my work with markers ever since. There are so many different mediums out there and I am now just dabbling in graphic design and want to create my own vinyl toys to sell on my website


Thanks for checking out my work.  

Step 1: Mood Board     

Step 2: Organize your images into groups. 


Create Rough Sketches 

For these three rough sketches I used sketch paper and than transormed them into Adobe Illustrator via a scanner. 

(Below Black and White Plain Sketch)

( Below Filled in with RGB colors using Adobe Illustrator cs6)


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