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Doodling away...

Well started this class, and liked it, but I realized after finishing this is not my strength. 

Exercise 1:

Kissing fish
A little mouse
Beaver (or wallrus ;)
Dancing bird


Exercise 2:

Candy!! Hard to be creative with text. Not my kind of cookie...


Exercise 3:

Here is Lill House:

She's happy when a someone is moving in
She's upset when she became a ruin
She's in waiting mode when she's for Sale
She wants to see something when hidden behind a tree
She feels overpowered with lots off people living in her...


Exercise 4:

Drawn while listening to TED talk "Falling in love is the easy part..." 

I found it pretty tough to keep listening and drawing... I had to stop the movie sometimes, because I knew I heard something interesting, but couldn't remember what exactly... The movie was something over 13 minutes long, but I kept on drawing for at least 5 more minutes.

This was the most fun excercise though, I tended to overthink the earlier ones. Way more relaxing to have a quiter brain, even though im listening to something...


Thank you for this course, Cathy Wu. It was interesting to follow, and I learned something about myself and my brain.


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