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Here is my first drawing excercise.  It's the drawing to music.  Fun excercise.  It was exciting to draw in a more performance state.  It felt like I was playing and instrument.  I didn't get a lot of new shapes for me but the way the shapes were interacting were definitely out of my ordinary.  Here's one I did to a Fall Out Boy song.  I beefed it up a little and threw it on instagram. (dancinglady73)

Prompt:  Drawing while rotating.

Really enjoyed this exercicse.  Her take on drawing without thinking hit me harder this time around.  I had some resistance coming up when I would see new shapes coming out of my drawings, a gut kickback of "this is not me"  while hearing her talk about drawing out the real "you" inside.   Now I'm conscious of these feelings and I can bring them into my awareness, seeing that these new shapes are also me, just not the ones i'm used to and "like" in my usual way.  I guess I'm watching just yet another way humans resist change and seeing it in myself is always a fun journey through. :)  Here's what came about.  I dig it:

Alright.  Just finished the drawing prompted by standing up.  This was pretty exciting.  I tried to really focus on the confident line.  I kept dropping out of my body a little bit.  So I moved my body around/danced a bit in between phrases of lines.  Excited about how it came out and I feel pretty alive and flowing right now.  I'm also excited because my fiance and I are living in a temporary bedroom and we have no decor in the room, so it's fun to have this up on the wall.  We'll see how the shapes grow as I see them coming in and out of the room.

Next I did the blind drawing. So cool.  I liked the prompts about pets and such.  It came out not looking like much at first.  So I went into and embellished it.  I got so excited that I felt a little high while expanding it.  It's so cool to make shapes and configurations that I would never ever make consciously on my own.  

The first pic is the raw drawing right after I took off my blindfold.  The second pic is the further designed version.  Was neat to highlight what was already there, like my hand and the cat.

Was listening to music today and just felt like drawing.  So I mixed together the blindfolded prompt with the drawing to music prompt.  I didn't really embellish it, just beefed up the lines and filled a few things in.

okay.  last exercise. :(  drawing while talking.  i am not multitasker.  very very bad at it actually so this one was challenging for me.  but still fun.  i was inspired by what the teacher mentioned in her closing statement about drawing your own stickman 5000 times.  so i drew stick folks which i don't normally do and they came out so cute.  while talking i did my best to talk to my fiance about my pets. he did his best to keep me talking without too many lapses.

i was kind of putting off the last exercise because i didn't want the class to be over.  it was simple and inspiring.  i have already been incorporating the tecnhiques into my other art.  her message, or atleast the way i interpret it is definitely a motto i try to live by which is art everywhere, and making art accessible not only to see and experience, but also to create.

go team!!


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